Kardashians: Up in Smoke & Nicotine Free Cigarettes

Let me start out by saying that Keeping Up With The Kardashians are my dirty little secret. I love watching them on E! and when I grow up I want to look like Khloe. (Speaking of Khloe the rumour mill has her a Lamar having their very own reality show! ) Anywho- Remember in the Keeping Up with The Kardashians Up In Smoke Episode where they try to get Kris Jenner to stop smoking? Catch a clip here:

I LOVED the part when they threw water on her, but also how they have Kendall Jenner pretend to smoke some nicotine free cigarettes to show Kris what she looks like. Kendall then lights up one of these funky tobacco free cigarettes that is supposed to be made out of honey and marshmallow and Kris freaked out like any good Mom would. I used to smoke in my teenage years and every so often still do, but would ground my son for life if I suspected him of doing it. I have to say those Marshmallow cigs have me as curious as Herbal vaporizers do. Have you had them before? Were they sticky and sweet or just nasty?

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