Don’t Judge a Gnome By The Color of His Hat Interview with Kelly Asbury

I have never interviewed someone before so I was a little nervous starting out. When he walked in he stated. “WOW. This is something like British court or something.” Right then you knew he was going to be a little bit funny and down to earth with us. Once everything kinda calmed down and everyone was in their places he wanted to let us know that he “Personally does not have kids. I wasn’t really sure what a Mommy Blogger was until recently. Hi Mommie Bloggers!” We all laughed at that point and knew it wasn’t going to be as hard as I thought. After finishing Shrek 2 he was looking for his next project. He talked to the producer whom he had worked with on Beauty and Beast years before. It was 2005. He got a phone call saying “Kelly I think i have a project that you might enjoy. It’s using the music of Elton John and I was like “Well we know that works.” and he said “AND it’s about Garden Gnomes.” I was like Garden Gnomes have never been done before. That’s a brilliant idea! We’ll do something new. “And it’s the story of Romeo and Juliet.” Then there was this long pause. Then I thought to myself it’s a good story, but boy that ending. It’s gonna be tough in a family film. So we knew early on that ok we can’t have daggers and suicide and poison. So I thought that’s kinda a challenge as a director to be able to say ok I’m just gonna see what this little soup turns out tasting like. I hope we succeeded  at it. I’m very happy with the movie. That was the challenges. How to find a way for these characters to take control of their own destiny in that 3rd Act. That really became what the movie was about. These 2 people are kept apart by this feud that is pointless and they’ve got to overcome it. As far as Shakesphere is concerned. You know West Dide Story, Bonny and Clyde, The Titanic, Avatar, even Brokeback Mountain are all really Romeo and Juliet. They are just retold. Twilight is Romeo and Juliet. Grease is Romeo and Juliet. So when you have those elemetns you know it’s kind of tried and true. A boy and a girl meet that there parents don’t like. That’s really the core of it. It
wasn’t that hard to put together. Don’t judge a gnome by the color of his hat.”

It’s been almost 5 years to the day of Kelly working so hard on this film and you can see it. This love he has for the project is  tangible. When he talks about the film and he is excited it brings it to another level of excitement for me the viewer. I finally got up my nerve to ask the question: “As far as the Voice Talent goes was there any of the actors that you were really wanting to get?” He said, “You know Fortunately everyone that is in the movie I really wanted I was able to cast. This was not a case of OK, you know, Elton John is best friends with Michael Caine so we want to use him in a movie. I didn’t have to use them I was able to cast them. The way I cast animated features in the best case scenario is we design the characters. Say Gnomeo. I put the picture of Gnomeo in front of myself. The casting director give me a lot of samples of voices and they don’t tell me who they are. Sometimes you recognize them. Sometimes you don’t, but in this case I listeed to maybe 100 different male voices from different movies and then I went ok who was that one? That one looks right and feels right and it turned out to be James Mcavoy. So that’s how the entire movie was cast. Fortunately I got Sir Michael Caine, Sir Elton John, Sir Patrick Stewart, Dame Maggie Smith, and Dame Julie Walters. So I have Royalty in my movie.”

He also mentions his top 3 animated films “Dumbo, Lady and the Tramp, and Toy Story 1, 2, 3 all together.” As well as his upcoming nuptials. To listen to the entire interview check it out below!


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    blueviolet says:

    I can’t believe he listened to 100 male voices to decide. You’d think they’d all sound alike after a while!

    I need to know which of those girls is you!!!!

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    Caryn B says:

    So eat to meet and hang with you! See you in March!
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    Whatever Kas! You look great!
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