Ovulation, Charts, and Sex OH MY

Let me warn you that this post will be pretty personal, but I am plum FRUSTRATED. See with both Gabriel and Isabella it was literally Wham, Bam, Thank you Ma’am then oops I’m pregnant. Granted that was 10 then 6 years ago, but still. If I had unprotected sex I was pregnant. I was pregnant just thinking about unprotected sex.

Flash forward to this month. 2 Baby showers within a week. Everyone I know online is preggo. My baby lost her first tooth and I’m 29 years old. That means next Feb. I will be THIRTY. I’m freaking out and have baby fever. So I tell Big Daddy and of course he’s all for it. He’s been trying to talk me into being barefoot and pregnant for years. So I figure it will be like before. Just to make sure I have extram amount of adult fun. Sometimes 2-3 a day adult fun, (TMI I know) BUT I”M NOT PREGNANT YET. So I go to google and look up that dreaded word: Ovulation. Yeah I skipped that class and with having 2 kids pretty simple never did the whole ovulation homework. Do you realize how complicated that stuff is? I have found endless charts, diagrams, and numerous “experts” telling me where, when, and how to have sex. Just take a look at some of these charts:


courtesy of: http://www.ovulation-calculator.com

courtesy of: http://www.fertilityfriend.com

courtesy of: http://www.yourpregnancy-weekbyweek.com

Did you understand any of that? Plus it’s not to sexy to say “Hey baby my basal temperture is perfect and an egg dropped so come get me lov-ah”

Then I happen to tell dear old mom about our plans and she proceeds to give me 101 reasons on why I should NOT have a baby. Yeah I know some of them are health related, but Brian and I have decided it’s what’s best for our family. So why oh why can’t my body and my family get behind that. Anywho I just had to get that frustration out. So got any fail safe and FUN tips on how to get pregnant because evidentally I need them.


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    Kathy says:

    Relax, that usually helps! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!
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    Laura says:

    I know the feeling with looking at all of this. My husband and I found out right after we were married that we would be unable to have children “naturally”. If we wanted biological children, it would have to happen through IVF. As if children weren’t expensive, we found out we would have to spend 10,000+ dollars just to ATTEMPT to get pregnant. Needless to say, we are still trying and I am trying all this stuff. I will try ANYTHING because 10,000+ dollars for an ATTEMPT is not in our budget.

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    Rachel says:

    Ugh — I have charted and charted and charted. It’s NOT fun. . . for those that need charting, you soon realize there is a DEFINITE science to getting pregnant.

    What worked for me? We adopted. . . and then had “Mommy/Daddy” time in Dec. 08 and Dec. 10. Apparently, that’s the combo it took for me to get pregnant twice.
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    Brittany says:

    Awww!!! Babies! First just have lots of sex. That’s all I got. LOL BUT if you get prego I am soooo coming out there to throw you a baby shower and I wanna be there after the baby is born!!! I’m so excited for you!!!!
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    Rhea says:

    I’m sorry you’re having a hard time this round. But really, the best thing to do is not worry about it. The more you stress, the more your eggs will not cooperate. good luck!

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    Jennifer Madigan says:

    Unfortunately I don’t have many suggestions for you. My husband and I are like you were when you had your first two. We had a misscarriage and then were pregnant again within two months. We had our first and 2.5 months later I was pregnant with #2. Then after he was born I had a whole 5 months before I got pregnant again. All in all we had 3 babies within 25 months. I will say though when I went back and looked at things (trying to learn quickly by baby #3 as to when not to have too much fun)I realized that we ended up pregnant when we didn’t put any pressure on things. We just had fun. We were happy and life was good.

    I say relax if you can and just enjoy it. Hopefully everything will work out perfectly for you. I know that there are health reasons at times not to have more kids, but if it’s meant to be it will happen. Good Luck and have fun ;).

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    I’m in the same boat Kas. We should have talked when we were at Disney and get some of the angst out! I asked my OB gyno about this issue and what did she tell me? My age is the big factor! dang! What about lots of sex? Or stop stressing out? Ok I’m saying that to both of us! lol. Wishing us both the luck!
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    Cher says:

    Don’t give up! I was like you with Aidan and Gavin, Doug looked at me and I got pregnant! This baby I was actually on the pill (although I admit to missing more than I took the last few months)

    I can’t help with all those charts, wish I could, they are in a foreign language to me!

    I think though EPT has a fertility checker test thing.
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    Mama B says:

    OMGOSH!!! I am so excited for you, and super jealous that you guys are trying to have another baby! haha. I have baby fever BAD! I have no advice, other than relax and have s-e-x, because with my first two I was fertile myrtle and got pregnant super easily. I hope it happens soooooon, I’m so happy for you guys!!!
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    Cat Davis says:

    Doesn’t it just shock you how difficult it really is to get pregnant when you want to? It drove me batty when we were trying to have Kaydence.

    A few things I learned along the way, sex daily = bad. It lowers his sperm count so save the fun for your peak ovulation days. 🙂

  11. 11
    trisha says:

    see i told my DH how complicated it was to GET PG and thats exactly how i ended UP PG. He said suuuuuuuuuuure its complicated.

    kill me.
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  12. 12

    HUGS! For me, it was as soon as I tried NOT to get pregnant, I got pg. Every single one of my kids was a surprise. I tried looking at those charts and figuring out when I was fertile so I could avoid DH at that time, but I got preggers, 3 times. I obviously suck at reading them.

    Sounds like you got some good advice on here, I am just here to support you and say I hope God blesses you with a little one soon!
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    Lindsay says:

    I totally understand those charts. I charted for months before I got pregnant with my first daughter. I knew everything about my body and just KNEW when I was going to get pregnant. But you know what? The one month that my ovulation was late (came on day 21 instead of day 14 like usual) and I had started thinking I was doing wrong and had given up – that was the month I got pregnant. The whole point of this was to tell you that charting and everything is great (and fertilityfriend.com is a GREAT site to learn) but it’s so much easier on your body to be relaxed and just let nature take its course (assuming nature CAN take its course and it seems it can in your case). After your period, give it about 7 days and then start having “business time” every single day until you can’t stand the sight of your husband anymore LOL.

    Good luck to you!
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  14. 14
    Laurie Adams says:

    I used the ovulation sticks (can’t remember the name of them) to get prego with my youngest. Like everyone else is saying, relax…maybe a drink and night out with Hubby or get a massage. Also, the tip to NOT have sex everyday is a good one…save it for your fertle/peak days and then go crazy! LOL Good luck!

  15. 15
    Penelope says:

    I’m right here with you…I really want another baby!

  16. 16
    Martha Payne says:

    “Hey baby my basal temperture is perfect and an egg dropped so come get me lov-ah” bahahaha!! That is too funny… I’ve been super fertile w/my two sons, but I have since gotten an IUD. I would love to have a girl someday…just not now…I hope I don’t have to go through all this stuff, too! 😛 I just said a little prayer for you, hope you get your bundle of joy soon!
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    Kathleen B. says:

    Wishing you the very best of luck making baby number 3 Kas! I know right where you are coming from. I am 29 and my youngest is 6 and oldest is almost 11! Everyone my age or older has a newborn, is preggo, thinking of getting preggo etc. Unfortunately, all the ovulation charts in the world won’t help me because Matt got fixed, but I am sure that they will pay off for you in the end. Think happy thoughts and just keep trying!
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    Brett says:

    I have to disagree with many on here. Having lived with infertility and miscarriages and the subsequent fertility testing and treatments more than once- its not a fun nor easy road. If I never see a basal body thermometer again it’ll be too soon- but its also a large part of how we were able to conceive for all of our children but the last.

    The best thing to do is know your body and while charting sucks, it helps. I know there’s nothing quite so romantic as the beeps of a thermometer first thing in the morning….but if its a baby you want and your body isnt cooperating sometimes its necessary.

    I’m not saying you SHOULD chart or have to but even a few months just to see when your body DOES ovulate may help with timing.

    Of course you could just have sex daily for a month and see what happens.
    Thats the most fun route. Maybe get some um…toys and accessories?

  19. 19

    I am going on month 24 on ttc, so I totally understand! And yes, I understand ALL of those charts you posted, LOL, I chart, temp and take FertilAid as does my DH. I am sooooo tired of it all, but want another baby sooo badly. I am 36 years old, so you are YOUNG! Plus I am only working with ONE tube 🙁 Are you on Fertility Friend??? I am have been since 2005! Praying we both get our BFP SOON!!! Hugs, it can be sooo heartbreaking!!!!!!
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  20. 20

    I went though the same thing, I would get so upset every month when there was only one line. I flat out gave up, I couldn’t handle the disappointment over and over. It was the right choice at the time because 2 years later we were getting divorced. The worst thing I’ve ever been though in my life. It took awhile but I got my self confidence back and starting see a great guy and after a year together I got the best surprise, out of the blue I was pregnant. I really think it happens when it should happen. I remember how stressed out and upset I stayed when I was trying so hard, people use to tell me ” It will happen when you least expect it, not when you try to force it” they were right. All, I can suggest is maybe you need to step away and take a break from trying so hard. Try to put the fun back into making love and before long you will be making a baby.

  21. 21
    Kim says:

    Just have fun practicing! Try not to stress about it. I need to look at those charts for the opposite reason. ; )

  22. 22
    Leah Walker says:

    I feel your pain. Hubby had cancer as a kid and I have terrible cysts to the point that they told me as a child just starting my period that I wouldn’t have kids. Wellll, hubby (boyfriend at the time) was a senior in high school and I was in my first year of college and we were having a big old time. No reason to worry right? Lol. Not. My daughter is now 15 years old. We have tried and tried to have another but it is just not gonna happen I suppose. I’ll be 35 in a couple of months and feel like after that I just wouldn’t be able to handle it. My luck, that’s when it will happen. I wish you all the best. Have you tried praying? Not sure if you’re religious or not.

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