Cute Baby Boy Bedding

Baby boy crib bedding has sure came a long way since Gabriel was a baby. We did a pooh themed room for him when he was an infant. It was that sports or trains. Now they have all this cute baby crib sets for boys and it just fuels my baby fever even more. While I would be happy with either a boy or girl secretly I’m hoping for another little boy. They are just sooooo much more easy and drama free than little girls. Plus I already have a cute baby boy named picked out, but I’m drawing a blank on a girls name. If you promise not to steal it I’ll tell you: Jaxson Phoenix. Isn’t that just the toughest name? Yeah I might be naming him after a biker from Sons of Anarchy, but hey I was named after someone from Little House on The Prairie. Naming a kid after a biker is a little cooler don’t you think? 😉

I just need the “magic” to work already. This whole trying to conceive thing is harder than I ever thought. Until then I’ll just make do with trying to find cheap baby cribs. Got any good recommendations? I’ve been looking at fail safes WalMart and Target, but I think I need to branch out. I know what I want. A crib combo. Now I just need to find a good price.


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    LOVE the name! Ah, I am so excited for you, I hope you get that baby soon! Sending baby dust your way! And, that bedding is really cute!
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    Heather says:

    super cute name! But now that you can’t think of a girl’s name you’re sure to have a girl 🙂 That’s just how these things work!

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    Love the patterns, hide stains!

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