Ways to Promote Your Small Business For Less

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When running your own business, promotional plans can take a backseat to other necessities to run and grow your business. Finding room in the budget for a giveaway or social media campaign isn’t easy. Not when you’re trying to make sure the lights stay turned on and your employees are paid.

However, the scale and reach that some web-based offers can bring may allow you to market your presence without needing to spend much at all.

Lucky for you, we’ve scoured the ‘net for the good, bad, and the ugly when it comes to web-based promos. After all that – here are few cost-effective options to promote your fledgling business.

Use Social Media

Online social networks are great for creating connections among people. That much is obvious. Whether you’re a power Twitter user or a Facebook newbie, a few simple steps can help your business to network with clients, potential customers, and other businesses. Of course most social networking sites are completely free and easy to maintain on your own. From these pages you can link to your blog, websites, or other relevant sites.

The key to making them work? Simplicity and consistency. Take an afternoon and learn the basic functions. How to login, how to post, and how to connect. Then set a reminder to logon at least once a day and say something about your business. What happened today? Did an interesting customer come in? Did you overcome a challenge?

The Powerful Search Engines

Search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, offer resources for local and online businesses to promote themselves nationally and within a certain online community for free. Options, such as Google Local and Google Coupons, allow you to write informational descriptions of your product and company, while also offering potential clients any coupons you may have. Some resources even allow updating feeds, which give you a preferential listing for any customer feedback.

Offer Pieces of Yourself

Get samples of your product into as many hands as possible, specifically media-related hands. If you don’t have a product, rather you have a service, exhaust all avenues for multimedia formats, including YouTube, demonstrating or discussing those services. Consider purchasing promotional items with your company name and logo as product substitute. Make sure the item is useful, such as a travel mug. Collaborate for promotional contests with other businesses.

Being a small business doesn’t mean you have to limit your client base. And the internet should not be intimidating. Being a business owner means taking advantage of the available resources to give your company a marketing (and savings) edge.

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