Owen Wilson & Eddie Izzard Interview Transcript

Fabulous Owen Wilson and the ever so charming Eddie Izzard sat with us Mom Bloggers as part of their press junket for Cars 2. Before we get started I must say that Owen looks EXACTLY as he does on film. It was uncanny. Now onto some Q & A.

Question: I have a 4 year old and he asked me the other day to give him a bologna and marshmallow sandwich.

Owen Wilson: [OVERLAP] Wow healthy.

Question: He said, “Ma can you ask Lightning McQueen what’s the grossest thing he’s ever eaten?”

Owen Wilson: Um I, I– you know what it was, was in Australia they uh– I did a morning show and they asked me if I wanted to try Vegemite and uh and so I was thinking that it’s okay. It’s the morning time all– that that it was dark. So I was thinking somehow that it was gonna’ be kinda’ sweet or something and it’s the furthest thing from sweet. And it was just– it, it– what– it’s yeast or something? It is salted yeast or–

Eddie Izzard: Yeast mixed with the devil.

Owen Wilson: Yeah it was the foulest tasting stuff I’ve ev– I, I couldn’t even swallow. Uh so that would be me.

Eddie Izzard: I know you’ll ask but the, the– my– the– this is not the worst thing but I, I was at a boarding school when after my mom died at the age of 6 and some people were chewing gum.

Owen Wilson: [OVERLAP] boarding school it was, it was rough.

Eddie Izzard: Yeah I know it was rough. Not to be recommended for, for kids. Um and uh chewing gum was kind of cool. And we weren’t allowed any money or food or trousers or anything. Um but I found chewing gum in a hedge and so I thought uh, I thought gum. So and I should say, because your all moms, I washed it thoroughly. Any bloody difference, but uh I washed it and then I– it was like rock and then I chewed– I chewed it all day and then I put it in my locker of the night. And then the next day I could have– ‘cause that was– [OVERLAP] Yeah I was, I was extremely cool. I don’t know who I was impressing, but uh myself maybe.

Question: What’s your favorite part of the movie? Is there a scene that you really like?

Owen Wilson: I know that when I– when we were doing the stuff there is this scene where you know I’m telling uh you know uh– you know Mater is trying– we’re saying, “You’re the bomb.” Uh you know that, that– I thought that was a really funny sequence to do. Uh no, no you’re the bomb. [LAUGHS]

Question: Do you ever– like you’re some place in a safe and you start talking and a little kid doesn’t knowing you’re Owen Wilson and they know your voice. Do you ever have reactions with kids just hearing you speak?

Owen Wilson:
Yeah they, they were asking um– asked me that and I, and I don’t have um little kids– I– because I just don’t think they’ve– they think that it’s Lightning McQueen. So they’re not uh you know, “Oh wait he’s saying–” I’m sorry.
I, I, I did go one time uh I was at like the drug store or something and uh the uh lady that was helping me said uh, “You sound just like uh this Actor I like a lot.”

And said me and uh it was such a weird– I don’t know. And she want putting me on. And I was like, “Do, do, do I look at all like him?” It was so strange. Yeah. She didn’t
really– It was kinda’ like a little kid like with the Lightning McQueen. When I say I’m Lightning McQueen it was just kind of– yeah she didn’t get it. [LAUGHS]

Eddie Izzard:
Voices can be very distinct. Even more distinctive than the look sometimes.

Owen Wilson:
Yeah, yeah.

Eddie Izzard: People say that. Yeah um and it’s a real thing.

Question: Is it easier to get into your character when he’s animated?

Eddie Izzard: I think it’s more difficult. I, I– uh you can’t physical-ize it. There is um certain thing about the way you
are, the movement. The, the attitude, what– even what you’re wearing. How, how you’re looking. I just shaved my head for a part. You know that certainly changes your feel. But if you haven’t got that you’ve just have the voice. It is harder. You have to give what you can and then they go and animate.

So there’s, there’s a whole– I feel that like a half– or maybe more. Maybe 3/5ths comes from John Lasseter with the way that he, he makes that. And then you have to put everything you can into the voice. That’s all you can concentrate on. So I find it tricky.

Owen Wilson: I’d say for me it’s actually easier because it’s– you don’t have uh the distractions of you know you got wardrobe and you got– you know you go through hair and makeup. And there’s you know everybody kind of around. And it’s a harder leap ta’ kind of get into your imagination than for me where it’s just– you’re just kind of in your head at the microphone and you just kind of– it’s more like a little kid when you’re just kind of playing you know make believe. Uh, uh so for me it’s, it’s, it’s easier actually.

But I also I wonder– ‘cause I was really into uh playing with soldiers as a kid you know. I had like you know the army you know and cowboys you know. Like so I was– spent you know time as a little kid having these little wars and things. So I wonder if I got used to kind of being able to kind of you know playing it out with stuff in my head maybe. [LAUGHS]

Question: Along that line with the theme did that kind of tap into your inner boy-ness? What that something that was exciting for you to hear about as being a spy and having to kind of [S/L: have your battles by your cars?]

Eddie Izzard: I think it’s great, I think it’s great. I mean the spies, everyone wants to be a spy, but really. ‘Cause really you have to probably cut someone’s throat open and– with a knife which– as long as you can avoid that and just play it, it seems nicer. But uh unfortunately my character I can’t– there’s a twist obviously and which we can’t really talk about. But, but– I, I don’t really get to get inside that. But I think it’s, it’s fun that they’ve got it into [OVERLAP].

Owen Wilson:
Yeah I think that there’s something about you know spying you know that really appeals to kids. I know like growing up you know we always wanted you know binoculars or you know these– there was something that supposedly you could do with like Dixie riddle cups where you could heat or could create like you know anything that was like kind of secret or you know spying on people. Uh yeah so uh and then I think that– yeah that whole kinda’ world that Mater ends up sort of falling into. And you know the gadgets of the spy world. I think that’s particularly attractive to, not just kids, but yeah me too.

Question: Is there more pressure to do well on a child movie now that you actually have kids?

Owen Wilson: Uh I think um you know my son I only 5 months old. So I’m not feeling a great deal of you know– [OVERLAP] creative pressure on me at this point.

Question: You’re never gonna’ show him?

Owen Wilson: Yeah-no of course. Uh you know he’s welcome to see uh
you know any of my work. [LAUGHS]

Eddie Izzard: I think with– someone with no kids, but with nieces, I think you put the same effort into all that– it’s so– ‘cause your kids are gonna’ grow up and then want to see the more adult stuff as well. Though uh you’re still trying [S/L: loan] the integrity to it.

Owen Wilson: Yeah.

Question: What’s your dream car?

Eddie Izzard: Aston Martin DB5. If they made one like the– I was saying the Thunderbird which they– they’ve went and made one new. A new Thunderbird that was based on the old 60’s model.
I think it was. I’m not sure about that. But if they did the Aston Martin DB5 like the James Bond one. If they bought that out now I will buy one and I’d like them to do it. You can write that down [INAUDIBLE]. Someone’s gonna’ read it and say, “Look you could can– you should make this.

Owen Wilson: And he will buy it.

Eddie Izzard: Yeah.

Owen Wilson: Yeah it’s always like when you see like a really like cool car like in you know a parking lot, someplace you awe–
it seems like guys, and I don’t know if girls do this as mu– you always kind get out and kinda’ go over and kinda’ look at it. And like you know if it’s a Ferrari or a Lamborghini or something. They just seem almost sort of like works of art. Uh so yeah. They’re, they’re pretty amazing.

Eddie Izzard: Even if the people are inside it you go up and stare in.

Owen Wilson: I was a valet parker in college at a nice hotel. So um that, that was the nice perk of the job. Was that you would sometimes get to drive some nice cars you know there over to the parking space.

Eddie Izzard: Did you ever scrape any of them?

Owen Wilson: No, no. [LAUGHS] I never did what they did in Ferris Bueller. But they went out, but uh yeah.

Eddie Izzard: And were you, were you vetted? Couldn’t you just take the keys and just skip down?

Owen Wilson: I wasn’t vetted in the slightest. It was just yeah.
Uh it was, it was at a Four Seasons hotel in Austin when I was– uh when I was at University there. [LAUGHS]

Eddie Izzard: Like I do find having to stay at many hotels around the world that all the really good cars they leave parked just outside. These guys are in here before they [INAUDIBLE]. You don’t have any other clients but these.

***I was flown out to LA for the Disney DreamWorks Event, but all my opinions are my own.***


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