We are moving into a bigger Apartment!!

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I’m SUPER excited! They started expanding the apartments we are currently living in a few months back and it looks like they will be ready to move in near the end of July! Which means an actual separate kitchen and dining room, another room, a porch, patio, and extra half bath! It’s only going to be an extra $100 a month, but believe me it is soooo worth it. Right now my kitchen is in my living room. Literally. Absolutely no room for solid wood cutting boards, kitchen cart Island with casters, or a Dolly Madison kitchen cart. Which I’d love to have and I really need a bigger dining room table. Right now we only have 3 chairs for the one we have so someone is on the couch for supper and while it may be in the same room it’s just not the same. We need the extra room if I ever get preggo with baby #3 and I love a good patio. I could sit outside a few hours each day. I’ll share pics as soon as it’s a done deal and I can get over and see the inside and the layout. Until then I guess I’ll just have to start a countdown and start eye shopping!


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    Diane says:

    Congrats! We just moved from an 800 sq ft apartment to a 1200sq ft townhouse + Basement. Rent is 150 more but to gain a basement for storage (and its 3/4 finshed so its also a “man cave”, a laundry room (no more trips to the laundry mat), a half bath on the first floor, and not having people constantly stomping above us it is TOTALLY worth it. Plus I have my own garden out front, and we can have a grill out back! Our new neighbors are SUPER friendly so we are thrilled we upgraded!
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