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Internet “hits” take on a whole new meaning in the Lifetime Original Movie, Girl Fight, premiering Monday, October 3, at 9pm ET/PT. Inspired by a true story, Girl Fight follows the story of 16-year old Haley Macklin (Jodelle Ferland) as she attempts to navigate the intimidating halls of high school and discovers getting “in” with the popular senior girls is harder than she expected.

Girl Fight is executive produced by Linda Berman (Crazy In Love), David Craig (Flight 93) and Rocky Lang (Racing for Time). Harvey Kahn produced the film which is directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal (Num3ers) from a teleplay written by Benita Garvin (The Killing Yard). Girl Fight is produced by Front Street Productions Ltd for Lifetime Television.

In Girl Fight see bullying come to life in it’s worse film. The movie starring real life and husband and wife team Ann Heche and James Tupper are parents of 16-year-old Haley Macklin (Jodelle Ferland). The movie start out with Haley making a few hurtful and reckless comments on facebook about some fellow seniors who are your typical “mean girls”. Haley is a very smart student who has skipped a grade and now has found herself in her senior year with these “mean girls” At first everything goes well as the clique embrace her and make her part of the group. From there things rapidly decline. I won’t give away the ending and what ultimately happens, but this movie shows the ultimate extremes in peer pressure, media scrutiny and forgiveness.

I love me a good lifetime movie and this one ranks right up there with the good ones. It’s based on a true story and has some great actors in it. The thing that tugs my heart strings is that as a mom I’m almost to the teenage years. My son is 10 and I dread when he hits high school. Kids can be so cruel and EVERY mom wants to protect their child like Ann Heche does in the movie. Make sure you turn into Lifetime tonight at 9/8c to watch Girl Fight. If you can’t make it then record it on your DVR.


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    won says:

    I echo all you wrote.

    Mine just started high school and kids can be so cruel. So much different than years ago.
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  2. 2
    Kim Kelly says:

    I remember Jodelle being on Smallville and Supernatural before she appeared in Twilight Eclipse last year.. I also like Lifetime movies so hopefully they’ll play it again

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