Wreck It Ralph Press Day Behind The Scenes: Learning More About The Idea Of The Movie With Director Rich Moore and Producer Clark Spencer

I’ve been gearing you guys up for a few weeks now about Wreck It Ralph and I’m not done yet! What I love about a good Disney Press Trip is that we get to know all the nuts and bolts of the movie. From idea to production to final film. Want to learn more about where the idea of Wreck It Ralph came from? Check out some of the interview with Director Rich Moore and Producer Clark Spencer below!

Q: Where did the idea for the movie come from?

Rich Moore: Um, well, the idea for the movie.. I started here working at Disney four years ago was invited by John LAsseter who’sa dear old friend to develop some ideas for movies, one of which I would direct. There had been a notion of like a video game based movie here for several, several years that had not been cracked.

It had been kind of put back on the shelf about a year before I started here in 2008. I thought, well, that’s kind of– when someone brought that up, you know, I said, no, there used to be this idea for video games, you know, movie about video game characters. I thought well that’s pretty interesting. I like video games. You know, I like that type of world. It could be very kind of rich and fun and something that people would enjoy.

And so without going to kind of the versions that had been done before, I just started with that notion. After about two days, I thought this is a really, really bad idea. [LAUGHTER] The characters have no life. You know, they just kind of– they have one thing that they do. They have no free will. They do their same job over and over again every day.

Who’s gonna want to watch that? That’s boring. You know, and then– and I took a moment.I thought, well, what if the main character didn’t like his job, you know? What if everyone else loved their jobs? And the main character didn’t like his job. You know, that’s– that would be a fantastic kind of internal conflict for a protagonist to have. It began, you know, that simply kind of with the world, you know, this kind of big, you know, this world of gigantic scope and kind of spectacle.

This very kind of simple internal, you know, conflict of– that a character could have. And that– and then from there as I said I pitched a few, four ideas to John. We both agreed, like, this is the one that that really has, you know a lot of juice to it.

Q: It’s the right amount of history.

Rich Moore: So I think that everyone kind of has some sort of connection to it, you know, different than– than like in the 80’s or 90’s [AUDIO CUTS OUT] people in their 60’s or even 70’s at least know kind of what it is or what it’s about. You know, where I don’t think it was like that 15 years ago.

Q: How many references are in the film?

Rich Moore: There are a lot as you saw. Hundreds I would say. I don’t know. I mean it is just layer upon layer. We start with characters from other games and references to other games. Then, just seeing the other games, seeing the other characters. We have like graffiti referencing certain things from other games. There’s, you know, just jokes about other characters and games.

And there’s another whole strata of candy references and just kind of– so there’s a lot of, you know, kinda, many, many layers of things that I think kind of all are part of that generation of video game players and what would really be able to kind of grab on to. So there’s a lot. I wish I could give you a number. I’m sorry.

Clark Spencer: But I think one of the things we tried to do is make sure that we did it on multiple levels. So there’s graffiti in there. And if you want to look at the graffiti and if it means something to you you’ll enjoy that aspect of it. Otherwise, if you don’t play games, it’s just graffiti in a train station, which you would expect in a train station.

Rich Moore: Right. That just kind of adds to the believability of the world. I love the classic Disney films like Pinocchio, where that first shot of coming down into the little village and, you know, as a kid I remember looking at that background painting and thinking, well, what’s behind that door? If you go around that corner, what’s down there?

All those movies had such kind of a believability and a richness to them that it was really important to me to kind of have that same feeling in this movie of kind of a world that’s lived in and that sparks the imagination of the audience.

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***Disclosure: I attended #DisneyMoviesEvent . My flight, lodgings, and expenses were covered by Disney. All opinions are 100% mine. Pictures above provided by Disney***

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