H&R Block Emerald Advance Program PLUS $300 READER GIVEAWAY

This economy is tough and H&R Block recognizes that. Sometimes a bit of extra cash can be the difference. What would you do with a cash advance? Go ahead and share your tips, tricks and even experiences with family budgeting! Whatever your story may be, we look forward helping to educate followers on the Emerald Advance credit line in hopes of making this holiday season a bit easier on the old pockets!

More details on H&R Block Emerald Advance:

  • Starting TODAY November 19th, apply to get up to $1000 cash in time for the holidays
  • All you need to apply is a valid photo ID and your most recent pay stub (no W2 form required!)
  • You don’t already need to be an H&R Block client to apply

I love H&R Block. I’ve used them for years on taxes and I’m glad to see them offer this. This is perfect for families who are struggling and need a little extra help to get through the holiday season. I know I use every available resource this time of year. I sell things on ebay and craigslist. Take old toys and clothes to a consignment store. I use layaway.Β  This is just another way to help the financial burden his time of year. Make sure you head on over to the H&R Block Emerald Advance Program website to learn more about this awesome program.

I’m SUPER excited to announce that H&R Block is giving 1 Southern Bella’s Ways To Save reader a $300 Gift Card to help you just in time for Christmas!

Now onto the Giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

***Disclosure: The prize was provided and may be shipped to the winner by H&R Block, but H&R Block is not a sponsor, administrator, or involved in any other way with this giveaway. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of H&R Block. Entrants must be 18 or older and located in the US only. Winner to be chosen at random.***


  1. 1

    With a cash advance I’d take the family on a mini Christmas vacation, before Christmas.
    Cat Davis – Food Family Finds recently posted…Holiday Gift for Foodies | Taste of Home Best Loved Recipes CookbookMy Profile

  2. 2
    Michelle V. says:

    I would buy some Christmas gifts!

  3. 3
    Pam says:

    i’d get all my xmas shopping done. it’s been struggle lately. i’m actually going to have to start looking for a job soon :/
    Pam recently posted…Mini-Me’s Excited, but Not ExcitedMy Profile

  4. 4
    Katherine says:

    I have a wedding coming up that I will use it for

  5. 5
    Jessie C. says:

    I’d use it for holiday shopping and maybe a few skiing trips.

  6. 6
    amy pugmire says:

    I would use it towards x-mas presents.

  7. 7
    Andrea says:

    I’d use the money on Christmas presants for the kids and some car repairs.

  8. 8
    Kim Henrichs says:

    I am trying to plan my vacation and get airfare when it’s cheap. I would definitely use it for that!

  9. 9
    Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I am moving into a new apartment soon so I would use it for buying household items like dishes and towels. I always try to use coupons to save money.

  10. 10
    Mike says:

    I would pay some bills and buy Christmas gifts.

  11. 11
    Thomas Murphy says:

    I would buy some x-mas gifts with a cash advance. we use coupons to help with family budgeting

  12. 12
    Valerie says:

    I would finish my Christmas shopping so I could relax and enjoy the season

  13. 13
    Lisa Brown says:

    I would pay bills

  14. 14
    Margaret Smith says:

    I would use it towards Christmas shopping for my kids and not use any credit cards this year…:)

  15. 15
    Peter G says:

    I would put things on layaway and put a nice down payment for gifts for the holidays.

  16. 16

    I would get a new lens
    Kelly @ A Girl Worth Saving recently posted…Stuffed MushroomsMy Profile

  17. 17
    Sonya Morris says:

    I would get my holiday shopping completed.

  18. 18

    I would buy my daughter a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas!
    Jenn @therebelchick recently posted…Contain Those Wild and Crazy Holiday Messes with Glad!My Profile

  19. 19
    Karen says:

    Pay a month ahead on the mortgage and then go and buy holiday presents for the little one and hubby. For budgeting, I try to shop around and compare fliers.

  20. 20
    The Mom Jen says:

    I’m not going to lie, I would use it for my 40th bday trip to Vegas in January! Maybe buy tickets to see a fabulous show or even dining at the “Eiffel Tower.” <3
    The Mom Jen recently posted…WhitePages Mailer: Create a Master Address List FREE + $25 Shutterfly GC Giveaway!My Profile

  21. 21
    deb c says:

    I would put it towards a bedroom set. I budget by using coupons, shopping sales, and limiting Starbucks stops.

  22. 22

    I’d use it to buy myself some new clothes.
    Mary Happymommy recently posted…Tiny Prints $50 GiveawayMy Profile

  23. 23
    Mare S says:

    I would use it toward the holidays and upcoming birthdays.
    Mare S recently posted…it’s almost fall…My Profile

  24. 24
    Kayla says:

    I would probably start to pay off our credit cards or use it for the holidays!

  25. 25

    I’d probably use it toward airplane tickets to visit my in-laws (in the Netherlands).
    TerriAnn @ Cookies & Clogs recently posted…The Magic Tap – No More Crying Over Spilled Milk, #Giveaway (2 Winners) Ends 12/2My Profile

  26. 26
    Elena says:

    I would pay the bills

  27. 27
    Nataly Carbonell says:


  28. 28
    Janet W. says:

    I would put it towards Christmas gifts and paying off some bills.

  29. 29
    Kealey Bird says:

    I would buy my kids presents it’s been a reallly rough year with the car needing repairs

  30. 30
    Vickie Riddle says:

    I would buy for my family.

  31. 31
    nicole says:

    put half in savings and use rest to pay off bill;s

  32. 32
    Emily N says:

    Pay for Christmas presents so you don’t have to charge them.

  33. 33
    Kim D. says:

    I’d use it toward Christmas gifts.

  34. 34
    karen d says:

    We haven’t taken a vacation in a very long time – I would use the money toward an overnight at a nice hotel with a pool for the kids. They would love it!

  35. 35
    Jennifer Marie says:

    I would buy winter clothes for my family. I save money buy using coupons.

  36. 36
    Wendy T says:

    I’d take my son to the dentist with a cash advance.

    Thank you.

  37. 37

    I would pay the medical bill I received today.
    Jennifer The Quirky Momma recently posted…Quirky Mommas Care ProjectMy Profile

  38. 38
    debbie jackson says:

    to pay medical bills debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  39. 39
    Kenny F says:

    I would save it

  40. 40
    swoodsonsays says:

    i’d buy a new dishwasher! we budget with google docs so both of us can input things.

  41. 41
    Eve says:

    Buy some clothing and toys for my family

  42. 42
    ellen beck says:

    I would use it to help pay down some dental bills.

  43. 43
    Kellie Rose Wilson says:

    Put part of it towards bills and use the other for Christmas gifts!

  44. 44
    Amy Orvin says:

    Stock up on pet supplies!

  45. 45
    Tami Vollenweider says:

    I would buy some special gifts

  46. 46
    Kristie says:

    I’d do some Christmas shopping.

  47. 47
    MommyJenna says:

    I would pay off some bills so I’d have less worry

  48. 48
    Cindy says:

    Birthday presents.

  49. 49
    Katy M says:

    $300 would take care of Christmas for our family! What an awesome giveaway!

    To save money this time if year I’m sure to grab a couple of extra newspapers the Sunday before and after Thanksgiving- this is when manufacturers release a ton of high value coupons. It really helps me save on bakes goods this time of year


  50. 50
    Rust says:

    New glasses, they are sooo expensive!

  51. 51
    Kristi C says:

    I would have some repairs done to my oldest child’s car.

  52. 52
    DARLA KIDDER says:

    I would use it for Christmas.

  53. 53
    debbie says:

    I would use it to pay bills, and christmas shop.

  54. 54
    Vickie Couturier says:

    I would buy some school clothes for my grandsons they are in bad need of some new jeans,an fill up my tankwith gas,times are hard,buy some groceries to stock up

  55. 55
    Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    I Would Use It To Shop With Coupons And Stretch It Far With Savings And A Budget !:)

  56. 56
    D Schmidt says:

    I would put the $300 towards either new clothes for my children or moving costs. My only real tip for saving money is to write shopping lists before you leave home and coupon.

  57. 57
    Jennifer Madigan says:

    I would love to use this to help get us into our new home. We are moving across the country and there are a lot of little expenses that keep coming up. We still haven’t sold our current home so we are going to be very strapped for cash.

  58. 58
    brittney says:

    i would pay down some dr bills

  59. 59
    Ann Fantom says:

    If I won, I would put the $300 towards my credit card bill.

    I set a dollar limit for each person before beginning shopping, make a list for each person, and then make sure I stick to it.

  60. 60
    Cynthia C says:

    I would buy groceries for the holidays.

  61. 61
    Tian A. says:

    I wouldlove to use it to buy my own computer. My family use coupons and we buy clothes that is on sale/clearance, it saved a lot.

  62. 62
    amber says:

    i would buy some winter sweaters

  63. 63
    Ashley H says:

    I’d pay off my student loans.
    Ashley H recently posted…Day Spring: 30% Off Everything!My Profile

  64. 64
    Suzanne K says:

    I’d buy gas and groceries, two of the biggest budget busters for me

  65. 65
    stephanie says:

    i could use this for christmas

  66. 66
    Kathleen says:

    i would buy christmas gifts

    kport207 at gmail dot com
    Kathleen recently posted…iPod Touch Giveaway! Ends 12/17!My Profile

  67. 67
  68. 68
    Claudia says:

    I would get an I pod for Christmas, Than you!

  69. 69
    Sarah Hirsch says:

    i would take a vacation

  70. 70
    Tabathia B says:

    I would probably be able to get my kids all winter clothing by combing coupons with great holiday sales

  71. 71
    Ashley Hatten says:

    I would buy clothes & shoes for my kids! thank you!

  72. 72
    rachel says:

    i would pay some bills or put it towards a new pc

  73. 73
    Kyl Neusch says:

    pay some bills

  74. 74
    Michelle H. says:

    I’d take a trip to Home Depot and get new tile and indoor outdoor carpeting for my back door. The carpet there is almost 30 years old and an embarrassment. It would be nice to come home and walk into the door and not go “YUCK” each day LOL>

  75. 75
    Ellie W says:

    I would get some long overdue dental work done.

  76. 76
    Sarah S says:

    I would pay off some vet bills.

  77. 77
    Claire says:

    I’d use it for groceries.

  78. 78
    Mary Calabrese says:

    I’d probably take my hubby out to dinner.

  79. 79
    Denise M says:

    i would use it to pay extra on my student loan

  80. 80
    Lisa Davis says:

    I would use it for Christmas presents.

  81. 81
    Wanda McHenry says:

    I would use it to buy stuff for our new house, if we ever get it! lol

  82. 82
    latanya says:

    I would put it toward a credit card bill

  83. 83
    Jason Crooks says:

    I would use it for our family trip to Orlando

  84. 84
    Daniel M says:

    holiday shopping and bills

  85. 85
    nannypanpan says:

    thanks fo rthe chance would be great for christmas

  86. 86
    kfloveinme says:

    I need a vacation STAT! If I’m the lucky winner I’m booking a trip to someplace warm.

  87. 87
    Tammy S says:

    I would use it for Christmas gifts and books for next term for my son.

  88. 88
    danica says:

    i am a couponer so i could really stretch that 300 dollars

  89. 89
    Juan Sanchez says:

    Education is my priority, so I’ll save it for my college funds

  90. 90
    Audra Weathers says:

    I would put it towards Christmas presents. I find it helpful to shop sales for Christmas ideas year around.

  91. 91
    Jill says:

    I would use it to pay off a dental bill.

  92. 92
    amanda r says:

    Id pay for Christmas with $300
    amanda r recently posted…Smokin’ Hot $700 Shopilly GiveawayMy Profile

  93. 93
    Brittany says:

    I would use it towards Christmas gifts!

  94. 94
    Nadine L says:

    I would pay of the last past due bill we have to catch up on from my husband being out of work for a year and a half from an accident

  95. 95
    Deanna G. says:

    I would use some for groceries & save the rest.

  96. 96
    Becky Davis says:

    I would use it to buy a new cell phone.

  97. 97
    Betty Baez says:

    pay off bills and probably take a mini vacation with the family

  98. 98
    Virginia Rowell says:

    I would use it to pay off some bills before Christmas.

  99. 99
    April Yedinak says:

    If I got a cash advance I would use it to get a car. My tips for saving are to make a budget and stick to it. I shop with a list and coupons and I don’t allow myself to be tempted by things not on the list.

  100. 100
    courtney b says:

    i would buy a new tv!

  101. 101
    Patti says:

    I would use it for Christmas presents! lebl9077@bellsouth.net

  102. 102
  103. 103
    June L says:

    I would get a Nintendo 3DS XL for me and my husband.

  104. 104
    Crystal F says:

    I could pay the back taxes that we owe and get them out of the way. thank you!

  105. 105
    Michelle S says:

    I would pay bills ahead.

  106. 106
    sara m ford says:

    Getting this would be much needed and help us so much this year. We have been trying to save but its so hard something always coming up and taking the money we had put away for the kids Christmas

  107. 107
    Justin C says:

    I need to pay down my credit card. Can’t pay it in full this month :/

  108. 108
    John K. says:

    I would snag a new laptop, or use it to partially pay for one!

  109. 109
  110. 110
    April j says:

    I would buy Christmas gifts with it! I love shopping online this time of year because I can get really good deals without having to leave my home!

  111. 111
    Allison Downes says:

    I would use this towards Christmas presents

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  112. 112
    Kathy Artis says:

    I would use cash advance on bills or something useful

  113. 113
    Heather S says:

    I’d purchase Christmas gifts & groceries!

  114. 114
    Marcia Goss says:

    I would splurge on a weekend getaway for me and my husband.

  115. 115
    tuesday says:

    We have had a very hard year so, I would use it for Christmas gifts

  116. 116
    Denise L says:

    Pay down debt!

  117. 117
    Libby says:

    I would put it into my emergency fund! I have been working hard to feed my emergency fund and this would be awesome!!
    Libby recently posted…Metamorphosis.My Profile

  118. 118
    Becky Kuntz says:

    Pay bills and buy extra presents…

  119. 119
    Kelly H. says:

    I would buy christmas gifts for my daughters.

  120. 120
    Lee says:

    I would use the cash to pay bills and buy Christmas presents.

  121. 121
    Jenna Parsons says:

    I would use it for groceries. We help budget by writing down every expense.

  122. 122
    Tiffany Stone says:

    I would use a cash advance to start the new year caught up on bills.

  123. 123
    Austin Baroudi says:

    I’d get my daughter and my girlfriend more gifts for Christmas!!!

  124. 124
    Stacey B says:

    I’d use it towards Xmas gifts. My shopping trick is I check all possible sites for the best price. Google Shopping and Nexttag are good sites to use for that

  125. 125
    Ttrockwood says:

    I would save half and use the rest for gifts for xmas for my parents

  126. 126
    G Andolina says:

    I’d pay down some outstanding bills. Boring but very satisfying

  127. 127
    eugaet says:

    I’d buy a couple of Kindles for the whole family!

  128. 128
    Glenna F says:

    I would pay bills, I shop for Christmas all year so that I don’t have to worry at the end of the year.

  129. 129
    Liz Newsome says:

    I would use it on my trip to China to visit my sister!

  130. 130
    Tamar says:

    I’d pay some bills.

  131. 131
    Nichole Miller shamblin says:

    I would never use cash advance, we have only 2 loans (1 out of 3 cars and mortgage) also no credit cards with balances and we only have one major card at that. We only use a bank card if we don’t have the cash for it then it’s something we do not “need” If it’s an absolute emergency we do have the one major credit card.

  132. 132

    With a cash advance I would set it aside for after Holiday Bills that come in

  133. 133
    linda brooks says:

    I would use it for Christmas presents, and I try to only pay with cash around the holidays

  134. 134
    Molly Bussler says:

    Christmas Gifts for my family

  135. 135
    Jannie Bryant says:

    I would use it for property taxes.

  136. 136
    Rob Hestar says:

    I’d buy my mom a Kindle fire which she wants.The rest I’ll get my best friend and me something πŸ™‚

  137. 137
    Lindsey M says:

    I would use it towards remodeling our new house

  138. 138
    ashley says:

    i would buy christmas presents

  139. 139
    MelissaO says:

    I’d put it toward credit card debt.

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  140. 140
    Vill Schiff says:

    the first thing I would do with Cash Advance would be to go buy a much needed new laptop for school.

  141. 141
    Deb C says:

    I’d buy Christmas dinner and a few gifts.

  142. 142
    Michele Baron says:

    I would pay off some bills

  143. 143
    Denise S says:

    I would stock up on household supplies.

  144. 144
    Colleen Boudreau says:

    I would use it to buy Christmas gifts. πŸ™‚

  145. 145
    Geoff K says:

    I’d pay off my next two student loan payments so I can build up our savings for the start of 2013! I usually take any extra income, from contests, tax returns, etc., and use some of it to pay bills or debt in advance so I can keep things under control, and the rest to go into savings in case of emergencies or unexpected expenses!

  146. 146
    natasha says:

    I would pay my sons preschool tuition
    natasha recently posted…Tuesday Soup – Giveaways and moreMy Profile

  147. 147
    Hannah allard says:

    If i won it would have 2 go on a new washing machine as our is shut with sticky tape at the mo an often leaks water

  148. 148
    Miz Vickik says:

    Stock up on some food goodies for the holidays!

  149. 149
    Paul L says:

    Pay off most credit card balances and sign up for new 0% APR deals to save on interest payments and start the new year fresh.

  150. 150
    Carolsue says:

    I would put a payment down on our Visa Card

  151. 151
    JoAnn F. says:

    With a cash advance we would do much needed work done in the house.
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  152. 152
    Angela Cisco says:

    I’d pay my phone bills and use whatever was left toward Christmas

  153. 153
    Michelle W says:

    I would pay down some bills. My budgeting tip is to plan what your going to buy before going to the store and sticking to the list. Impulse buys are never helpful to the budget

  154. 154
    Brandy B says:

    I’d do most of my shopping online to find the best deals and cash back incentives.

  155. 155
    Diane Baum says:

    I would pay a medical bill

  156. 156
    Katie R. says:

    I would buy Christams presents for 2014 during the after Christmas sales when items are at their deepest discounts

  157. 157
    Kim W says:

    I would put that money towards my bills and I don’t really budget I just try to spend less

  158. 158
    Judy S says:

    I would buy groceries and buy some gifts for my grandkids.

  159. 159
    Leslie L. Stanziani says:

    I would use this to get gifts for my 4 kids.I usually save a little every month but this year had to spend all my savings as I had to have surgery .

  160. 160
    alyce poalillo says:

    Times are tight so I would use this extra for everyday needs-food, cat food and bills. Budgeting is easier when you have a small amount to work with-essentials only.

  161. 161
    Erica C. says:

    With the money, I’d use it on home decor since we just bought a house…and we don’t have cash for little extras.

  162. 162
    Mary Cloud says:

    Pay bills
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  163. 163
    Pauline M says:

    I would get some basic supplies for my household and in terms of budgeting, we live by the Dave Ramsey rules… live like no-one else so you can live like no-one else.

  164. 164
    Kiara says:

    I would put that money towards groceries.

  165. 165
    Danielle D says:

    I would pay some bills!

  166. 166
    jennifer r says:

    I would use it to buy supplies for birthdays that fall right after the holidays. I try to save some of our Christmas money back for birthdays so that the gift budget does not take too big of a hit all at once.
    reejen at comcast dot net

  167. 167
  168. 168
    dani marie says:

    i would get my car smogged and buy books for school. being a broke college student sucks.

    what i would like to do: buy an ipad mini.

  169. 169
    Lori Walker says:

    I would take my husband to dinner with a cash advance.

  170. 170

    I would help my daughter pay her pet deposit and to get her pup fixed.
    Sherry Conrad recently posted…TIME OUT FOR POOR SPORTSMANSHIPMy Profile

  171. 171
    jules mcnubbin says:

    i’d use it for christmas presents…i am horrible at budgeting LOL

  172. 172
    Renski says:

    I’d use to cash to buy a few gifts and save some for future needs. Thanks

  173. 173
    susan smoaks says:

    I would use the cash advance to get some little bills paid off for a few months, like cable, phone and internet. To save money we live very simply. We do not have to have the best of everything. We get by with very little and we are happy!

  174. 174
    April Brenay says:

    this would go towards food in the house, 300 is about what I spend every 2 weeks

  175. 175
    Sonya says:

    I’d use it towards bills and a couple of kindle books πŸ™‚
    Sonya recently posted…Verizon iPhone 5 GiveawayMy Profile

  176. 176
    Judy S says:

    the quickness of being approved is wonderful.

  177. 177
    Dee Hadley says:

    I would catch up on some bills and buy something for the family to enjoy.
    Saving money: Instead of going out to the movies,we rent a movie and grab some candies,popcorn and some sodas or juice boxes and watch a movie together at home. Saves alot of money when you are talking about 5 people.

  178. 178
    Barbara Fox says:

    I would buy some groceries. Being unemployed sucks.

  179. 179
    Jeni Lutz says:

    I would use it for christmas gifts for my kids.

  180. 180
    Tara Woods says:

    I would buy groceries.

  181. 181
    Mary Casper says:

    I would stock up my freezer before meet prices go up again

  182. 182
    Valeen N says:

    I would make a payment on a trip my daughter is taking for school!

  183. 183
    Eileen Burke says:

    Bills, bills, bills!

  184. 184
    Cee Love says:

    I would buy Christmas presents. We actually have a new surprise permanent addition to our house hold. She is 7 years old and I have no Christmas money left over and I have no idea what to do…

  185. 185
    Lisa Garner says:

    I would use the cash advance to pay for Christmas gifts.

  186. 186
    Melissa VandenBerg says:

    I would pay of some bills.

  187. 187
    Susan Smith says:

    I’d put it towards gas and groceries and for Christmas gifts

  188. 188
    Joy Q says:

    I would go Christmas shopping.

  189. 189
    Shannon says:

    I’d buy groceries, I don’t have any tips

  190. 190

    Get a head start on birthday season which starts next month. We use coupons whenever we can and I try to save as much with sales.
    Karine Traverse recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: Holiday PhotosMy Profile

  191. 191
    Lily Kwan says:

    I would pay bills.

  192. 192
    Tanya White says:

    I would get new brakes for my car

  193. 193
    Beth Palacios says:

    I would use to pay off some bills. Ah, that would be nice….

  194. 194
    YVONNE LOPEZ says:

    I would by something for me. as Mom’s we tend to put ourselves last.

  195. 195
    Rosey says:

    I’d use it for Christmas shopping. And my tip is when buying anything online be sure to Google for discount codes first!

  196. 196
    Jody Sisson says:

    I would use it on bills.

  197. 197
    Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    I would put a good amount towards debt and also take my kids out for frozen yogurt.

  198. 198
    Jeanette H. says:

    I would use it for Christmas gifts for my family

  199. 199
    Barbara Montag says:

    If the cash advance is $300 – I’d put $200 in my savings account and treat myself with the rest.
    I’m grateful that I’m good at budgeting – otherwise….
    Thank you.

  200. 200
    Samantha Meyer says:

    I would use it to help pay off some of the bills

  201. 201
    Tracy Allen says:

    I would use it for home improvements.
    My mother had a habit of depositing extra money in her bank account but NOT entering it on the register sort of like secret savings – I’m sure there must be a better way!

  202. 202
    Jill L says:

    I would use it to pay off the orthodontist. I use coupons to help keep to the food budget.

  203. 203
    Bryan E. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway…would use $$$ to pay my January credit card bills ! We budget for our holiday gift purchases, but any extra goes on a credit card…usually < $400.00.

  204. 204
    Charlene Kuser says:

    I would use a cash advance to buy some new living room furniture.We recently took out a loan to
    pay credit cards off and it saved us a ton of money because of the high rates on the credit cards.

  205. 205
    Andrew L. says:

    Buy Christmas Gifts

  206. 206
    Sharon says:

    Save it for a rainy day! They always come! I stretch the grocery budget all I can with inexpensive meals and staples!

  207. 207
    N Sunshyn V says:

    I would use it to pay some of the medical bills that have piled up.

  208. 208
    hazel says:

    I would use it to get professional clothes for my new job as all I have is “mom” clothes!

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