Happy New Year! What's Your Resolutions?


Happy New Year!! As you can tell I took a few days off to relax with the family. We watched a LOT of movies and had a great time. Now, it’s time to go back to work, back to blogging, and soon back to school for the kids. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! So with the New Year it’s time to make those wonderful resolutions. You know, the ones we break 3 weeks in. 🙂 This year I’m making only 2 so I stick to them.

  • Lose at least 10 pounds by Feb. 13 2013 (My birthday) Once I make this goal I will set another one.
  • Have a positive outlook on life and all things

I know the second one seems lofty and kinda odd, but I found out in 2012 if we just have a  more positive outlook things are more likely to work out. Seems silly, but true. It only took me 30 years to figure that one out. So what’s your resolution and how are you going to make it work?



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    pattie says:

    with a positive outlook you will have so much more in 2013. Thanks for sharing! We’ll keep you accountable.
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    Michelle says:

    I didn’t make any resolutions this year because I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep them and instead opt to make small goals for myself throughout the year. What you said about positive outlooks is so true. I spent most of my life as a pessimist, which is still difficult for me to control, but life is so much better when you try to find the positive in everything!
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    diane says:

    I don’t really make resolutions but I am determined to take better care of myself this year! More exercise, eating healthier and more ME time!

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    I don’t generally set them but I am trying to live a healthier life.
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    Incremental weight loss is a smart one to do it! Good luck, Kas! I hope I see you this year a lot!
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    Pam says:

    i have the lose 10lbs one, too. i was trying for the end of january, but being that i’m hypothyroid, i’m thinking around your timeline is more of a realistic date. i’m also doing some of the 30 Challenges for 30 Days. not starting them all at once so i don’t get overwhelmed, but i think this is going to help my mind and my creativity. you can see them here http://www.ciarasramblingsandwhatnot.com/2012/12/im-taking-on-30-challenges-for-30-days.html i’ve got to get my mind stimulated, i’ve been bored out of my freaking mind lol good luck with your goals! i’m here if you need support 🙂
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    Sarah says:

    To do everything out of love.
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