What is Life Insurance and Do I Need It?

Getting older I find myself preparing for the future more and more. I used to be a take life as it comes kinda girl, but now I like knowing that, as a family, we all have a financial future. One of the best things I have done to earn that freedom is purchasing Life Insurance. Not only for myself, but for every member of the family. You may be thinking Why Do Women Need Life Insurance? We ALL need a safety net. Life insurance was the beginning of a strong financial plan. We went through all the options with our guy: Universal life insurance, Term life insurance, and Whole life insurance. After going through each option we chose Universal Life Insurance since it had the most flexibility.


I travel a lot for work and I know now that if anything were to happen, Brian and the kids would be taken care of. When we first started talking Life Insurance, Gabriel had been born about a week. I remember Brian calmly coming into the room and saying, “I think we need Life Insurance now.” Almost 12 years ago, now. Times have changed since then and that’s why I’m happy we did go with the Universal Life plan early on because as our family has grown so has our policy. I’m not an expert, by any means, but if you have questions about Life Insurance and what type of policy your family needs then take a moment to hop on over to the GenWorth Financial website. They have lots of great info to help you figure out all the terminology and policy types.

***Disclosure: Information for this post is sourced by GenWorth Financial in partnership with the SheHeard Influencer Network.All opinions are 100% mine. ***

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