Before You Slander Me At Least Get To Know Me

Disclosure: Know your facts. Email me personally. The grammar and writing in this particular piece may not be perfect. I’m writing from my heart and not going to edit myself.

Another day another blogger controversy…this time I happen to be involved. Let me preface this story by telling you a little bit about myself. I’m a strong willed wife and mother of two. I’m also a Professional Blogger. I live with the philosophy that you live life to the fullest and you find comic relief in the day to day. I’ve went back and forth about posting about this topic, but it finally came down to this. I’m not going to sit silently in a corner and let you talk smack about me or my friends. I’m standing up loud and proud for myself because if I don’t no one else will do it for me. It all started with a group of friends at a wax museum. During the course of the walktrhough we were taking MANY funny pictures. I mean hey, it’s a wax museum. You gotta make that fun right?

I see Hannibal? Let’s all fall down in a pile of bodies at his feet. (Can you see our humor yet?)


How about acting like we are riding a camel?


Dirty Dancing Fun!

patrick swayze fun

Of Course we had to do a jumping picture

More Jumping

Now let’s go to the “infamous picture” floating around the internet. First check out this movie poster:


Being movie buffs AND friends we decided to recreate it.

Infamous Photo

Can you see the similarities? Can you see the humor?

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty. A few “bloggers” (and I use this term lightly. Obviously they just wanted to create drama and controversy for page views) took our photo OFF a personal facebook page and edited it. I’m not going to link to those posts because I don’t want to give them any extra traffic, but I’m sure if your reading this you saw it. They decided upon themselves that our friend and one of the most kindest tender hearted people I know is a sexist. That we were “demeaning ourselves”. That we were “down on our knees for Disney”. That we were “groveling, lowly mommy bloggers who were cowing down to a man in a position of power”. REALLY?! I mean get real. SERIOUSLY?! Yeah, whatever. Get your facts straight ladies. Actually get to know me. In fact email me. Call me. Facebook Chat Me. Ask other bloggers about me. In fact why not even call my HUSBAND and ask him if I’m a person who would “cower down to a man.”

THEN you have the audacity to try ruin a good mans name. Like I said get your facts straight. Actually do some research before jumping on the hater bandwagon. Marshall Weinbaum is kind, friendly, a great friend, and oh yeah he’s a PR rep for Disney. Did you see how I included the Disney part last? Let’s say you work for a bank. Does every picture on your PERSONAL FACEBOOK PAGE mean your representing the bank? Nope. What you do isn’t all you are. Not even close. Ever actually meet him in real life? I’m guessing not or you would not have posted these viscous lies. Those of us that happen to have actually met him think he’s just stinking adorable.

I guess the bottom line is GROW UP. This isn’t high school. Your ruining reputations of people you don’t even know or have even bothered to try to get to know. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. 😉


  1. 1

    That’s actually really interesting and I’ve found the whole thing to be quite curious.

    To answer your most important question: Let’s say you work for a bank. Does every picture on your PERSONAL FACEBOOK PAGE mean your representing the bank?

    Actually the answer is, “yes”. If you work in social media for the bank or if you list the bank as a place of employment on your facebook page you are representing the bank.

    This, and only this, is why I am fascinated by it. I know of your friend from exactly two interactions approximately one month apart. That’s the only thing I knew about him until I read this. I guess when you work in social media you have to be more careful about how you present yourself.
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    • 1.1
      Kas says:

      We obviously have different opinions of that question. I find it curious that you voiced your opinion on that, but didn’t even acknowledge the actual context of photo.

  2. 2
    Rita O'Neal says:

    This is a really great post Kas. I’ve been so sickened by this whole situation. I have met Marshall and you. Both of you are two very down to earth people who like to have fun and laugh. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Marshall is one of my favorite PR reps to work with. He totally gets how to work with people and not many do. It’s frustrating that people have the nerve to say these things over a fun picture – they really need to get a life.
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  3. 3
    Dena says:

    Well said. I immediately thought it was funny when I saw it posted the other night and not distasteful at all. I don’t know Marshall all that well, but I do know that I’ve never seen him act unprofessional or distasteful in any way and I think it’s absolutely disgusting that they jumped to conclusions the way that they did. Thanks for setting everyone straight. I think it all comes down to jealousy because they weren’t on the amazing trip that you all were on. I think it’s awesome and was happy to have several bloggy friends there.
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  4. 4
    Jeana says:

    The people that are in an uproar about this photograph depicting “mom bloggers and cowering down to a Disney rep” are a result of the theft and unauthorized edit of our original photograph. Of course if you add the words Disney Publicist and Mommy Bloggers to this photo you completely change the context of how it was taken. This was a personal photo taken by FRIENDS for friends. None of our friends had an issue with it. It wasn’t until the words were added by someone who doesn’t even know anyone involved decided to tell a story that didn’t exist. For their own personal gain, no less.

    It’s incredible that even more strangers are saying things like “I worked in Mommy Blogger realm 3 years. Both sides are horrible. #nosympathy. They’d sell their kids souls for endorsement” and “there’s no manipulation. These women want free shit, online & offline validation & to feel entitled. Disney knows that” on a twitter thread where they ask who we are (yet no one even knows). I had no idea you could ascertain so much about someone’s life and goals from one unfairly altered photo.

    I love each and every person in this photo deeply. They are MY FAMILY. I expect each one of them to be in my bridal party (yes, even Marshall!) and I hope to continue making a lifetime of memories where we laughed and loved with all our hearts.
    Jeana recently posted…To Infinity and Beyond! #DisneyPaintMomMy Profile

  5. 5

    When I said, “that’s actually really interesting” I was referring to the backstory. It IS interesting and it’s demonstrative of the fact that we have to be cautious about how we present ourselves.
    Jessica Gottlieb recently posted…People Only Know What You Publish or SayMy Profile

  6. 6
    MommyJenna says:

    I can not believe that bloggers continue to attack fellow bloggers like this and seeing the name-calling of Marshall. Just GRR. When will the mean girl syndrome ever go away?
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  7. 7
    Whit says:

    The problem is people see what they want to see, and if all they know is seen through a lens of assumptions and misunderstanding then they really don’t know anything, and that’s a great time to jut stay quiet. Not every funny picture on the Internet needs a thousand words written about it. This afternoon I was quite disgusted to see a good man defamed, and even more so to watch as he had to confront and defend himself against strangers that took a molehill and made it a mountain. The Internet and blogging community can be a beautiful thing, or it can be downright embarrassing. Today we had the latter and Marshall did not deserve it.

  8. 8

    🙁 – Hugs lady! I know exactly how you feel and it sucks.
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  9. 9
    Jim MacQ says:

    I can’t imagine any of the women in that photo “cowering before” anyone, and I can’t imagine Marshall exploiting his position in any way. The photo in question was the same sort of goofball stuff lots of friends have on their facebook page.

    There are photos of me posing on the ground dead with a woman (not my wife) standing with a foot on my back, bow and arrows held triumphantly above her head. I’m sure some clever person could think up some technically true but completely inaccurate words to attach to that photo to give it some sleazy or corrupt interpretation that would sully both our reputations. It’s easy. It’s a chump’s game. It’s low and slimy, and I’m sorry to see it being pulled on you guys.

    I do have to admit I laughed out loud when I saw the line about Marshall being “a raging douchebag.” That’s pretty much the opposite of Marshall.

  10. 10
    Dusty B says:

    I ca not believe the nerve of some people 🙁 Such a great group, funny pic and Marshall does so much with the blogging community it makes me sick that people attack him. Hugs!
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  11. 11
    Kathy says:

    I am so sorry Kas. I have met everyone in that picture and know from experience what great friends you all are. Marshall is one of the sweetest and kindest PR who has done nothing but love Mommy Bloggers and his friends. It saddens me to my soul how people have been manipulating this photo.
    Kathy recently posted…She is On the Move #FirstFitMy Profile

  12. 12

    Wonderful post. Sadly there will always be unprofessional *mean girl* bloggers who are out to create drama and hurt other people. I was very lucky to meet both you and Marshall and neither of you were ever anything but nice and professional. Some people just don’t get it and jealousy reigns.
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  13. 13

    The big picture is that while these drama queens were looking to stir up controversy, as well as hits on their pages, they take NO BLAME for possibly ruining someone’s reputation, possibly costing them their life’s work, and even their jobs. They have single-handed decided what is acceptable and what is inexcusable (judge & jury).

    This photo didn’t hurt these women in any way, shape, or form – yet by writing about it, THEY hurt the reputation of five people.

    It is arrogant and egocentric behavior like this that gives bloggers a bad name, not a photo taken in fun for personal use when all parties have consented.
    Zippy Sandler recently posted…Wait, I’m NOT ordering out?My Profile

  14. 14
    Trisha says:

    Jess, I don’t think Marshall or the bloggers presented themselves wrong. I think the articles written presented them wrong. Someone unrelated to this photo slapped context on it and published…that was the presentation. This photo is fine…the post that Liz wrote was not. It’s us to us as publishers to think prior to jumping.

    I say it was rooted in jealousy.

  15. 15

    I didn’t think anything of the picture before this post since I had heard how nice Marshall is from other bloggers. The other pictures definitely put it in context and show a group of friends having fun.
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  16. 16

    I was standing right there when the picture was taken and it was all in good fun. I think it’s sick when people who are obviously mad because they haven’t been invited to a Disney event, try to bring a man down to make themselves look good. A day of a few pageviews will never earn you the respect of your peers and the blogging community. Those women who wrote the posts certainly better duck because Karma is coming back. You don’t defame a GOOD man like Marshall and think nothing of it. You just don’t do that. I hate cowards who hide behind a blog post.
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  17. 17
    Khristian Kritz says:

    I’m super proud of you for making a stand for yourself!!!!!! Kassie and I have been close friends for like 10 years so I know who the person behind her blog REALLY is. And I promise you one thing she doesn’t grovel or beg for anything from anyone. She works hard for where her blog has taken her and it just breaks my heart to think that some bored women, who are obviously jealous their blogs aren’t as up and coming, could sit around and slander such a good person. It’s women like this and more than likely their children too who have taken bulling to the horrific place that it is now. Way to set a good moral example for you’r children ladies!!!!! Kassie, you hold you’r head up girl 🙂 At the end of the day those woman DON”T MATTER! kisses

  18. 18
    Alicia says:

    I agree with Whit. I am embarrassed to be a blogger when I see such awful slanderous material being produced. Marshall nor any of the other bloggers included in the picture deserve the negativism that has been thrown their way. It sickens me that someone writes such awfulness and that others nod their head in agreement.

    I will NEVER abide by such gossipy, sickly writing. Sensationalism exists everywhere, but it is important not to feed into such awfulness. Simply put, I”ll be sure to NEVER visit those websites again.

    Kas- I applaud you for sticking up for yourself, you are a wonderful person and anyone that doesn’t know you is missing out! 🙂
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  19. 19

    It breaks my heart that this has happened. I can understand someone seeing the photo out of context – which they wouldn’t have if this blogger hadn’t stolen his personal photo off of his personal Facebook page and used it without permission – and thinking it was weird or questionable. BUT to go off on a rampage, crying out against sexism and all of this other nonsense without bothering to learn about the back story? I find it very sad that these women have so much free time on their hands that this is how they chose to spend their day, unashamedly tearing down others. As a former friend to someone who was involved in this, I will be choosing my blogging associate much more carefully in the future.

    I only met Marshall this week and within a day, I can tell that he is nothing like these women are portraying him. It’s obvious that they know nothing about him, or they would have never questioned his respect for women and bloggers!
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  20. 20

    Kas I hate that fact that you even have to justify this picture at all. Please know that those that know you, Marshall and the other bloggers pictured, know the truth and support you! 🙂
    Teresa Foskey recently posted…The Great Staycation Parents Escape!My Profile

  21. 21
    SoberJulie says:

    Well written in the face of a horrible situation. Whether or not I think it was wise of him to post the pic on his FB (because of his position) the bloggers who modified the image and penned posts to flame a stranger were out of line and frankly weak. The writing was scattered and obviously directed at defaming a person, a company and a genre of bloggers.
    Nice response.
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  22. 22

    Kas, some people thrive off of drama. We all know those people in real life, but the thing about blogging is that drama can actually earn you money! Their ridiculous drama brings page views and in turn, money. I have only read bits and pieces of what is going on, but I can tell you that I haven’t been surprised. The bloggers that I have noticed bashing never have anything good to say. Go look through their blogs. (or don’t, I’m just saying.) Some folks are miserable and if they can’t be happy, then no one should be happy. I can’t imagine how hurt all of you are over this, but I don’t think you have to worry about your reputation or his. Take the highroad (I know it’s hard) and move on from this. Don’t let these people have another second of your energy. They aren’t worth it and they’ll be shouting about something different and equally ridiculous next week.
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  23. 23
    Lori Pace says:

    Kass- I see the humor in it ALL! In fact, I would have jumped in on any of those photos in a heartbeat. I think that this ridiculous stunt by the other “bloggers” is unethical and proof that ignorant, uneducated people have the power to spread lies. Fortunately, so many more know the truth about you, Marshall and all of the hardworking, genuine, loving people involved that this will end up being their black mark not yours. Much love and hugs to you all!!!!
    Lori Pace recently posted…Catch a Sneak Peek! NEW IRON MAN 3 ClipMy Profile

  24. 24
    Concerned Mom and Woman says:

    This Mean Girl crap needs to stop. PERIOD. I hope that all of those affected by this smear campaign check out their legal rights. I am not one of those people who believe you need to sue everyone who offends you, but this has gone beyond offending. The people who started this STOLE your photo and have SLANDERED your reputation. Unfortunately, the very ones saying you’re only in this field for the supposed money (free stuff) are the ones who will only feel anything if it hits them in the pocketbook. I don’t know much about legalities, but I would certainly check into it. (PS-What kind of stick does someone have to have up their bum to turn that hilarious picture into something so disgusting? They are obviously the ones with issues.)

  25. 25
    sarah oswald says:

    instead of worrying about photo that arent hurting anyone maybe people should worrying about issues that are harmfull to others. like bullying, drugs, crime, and . to name a few. i did violent crimes. not read the slander and dont care to, my mom always told us if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all.
    do good and you get good do bad and you get bad.what goes around comes around. i dont know either side but i dont see the problem with the pics

  26. 26

    I think Jeana made a VERY valid point in her comment: “…Of course if you add the words Disney Publicist and Mommy Bloggers to this photo you completely change the context of how it was taken.”

    Kas, I think what makes me the angriest about this entire situation is that the writers of those articles feigned their own ignorance. I am 100% positive they knew the story behind the photo, they knew that you and the other women in the photo have become good friends with Marshall and he considers you all FRIENDS before he considers you bloggers. Those writers consciously took those photos out of context and deliberately created controversy to satisfy their hunger for pageviews and linkbacks. That behavior is disgusting, and I have zero respect for those who stir the pot and disregard the livelihood and careers of people in exchange for dollar signs.

    I think every single person in that photo are is a force to be reckoned with in his or her own individual way. I’m pretty sure anyone who has met any of you would likely laugh at the idea of you all being weak, groveling or anything of the like.
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  27. 27
    Mandy says:

    Kas, I am very glad to see your side of this story. That’s exactly what I wanted to know after having read the other blog’s interpretation of this photo in question. It is a shame that Mr. Weinbaum’s reputation is being tainted by something as trivial as this. It smacks of crappy journalism (think: National Enquirer) and I’m puzzled why anyone who would consider themselves to be professional would find a story in this, save for it being a funny moment shared by friends.

    I sincerely hate this for you and all involved and hope others will read both sides before making a knee-jerk judgement, especially when someone’s job or reputation could be on the line.
    Mandy recently posted…FireFly Makes Brushing Teeth More Fun! #Firefly4KidsMy Profile

  28. 28
    Danie says:

    I don’t know you, or anyone in the picture. This is my first time coming on your blog, because I was linked to this post. And even I can tell that the picture was a joke. If anyone can’t, then it’s obvious they’re just looking to start drama.

  29. 29
    sarah oswald says:

    instead of worrying about photo that arent hurting anyone maybe people should worrying about issues that are harmfull to others. like bullying, drugs, and violent crimes . to name a few. violent, i did not read the slander and dont care to, my mom always told us if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all.
    do good and you get good do bad and you get bad.what goes around comes around. i dont know either side but i dont see the problem with the pics.

  30. 30
    Nikki says:

    How on Earth did someone get something demeaning out of what is clearly supposed to be a funny picture? I am so confused by the through process of people sometimes! The thing is, there are too many people out there who thrive on controversy, and who need something to get offended about. People who sit there on their computer analyzing every photo and every word out there looking for a nefarious meaning behind it. That is a sad way to live. Instead of creating something new and useful to support whatever cause they may believe in, they thrive on the negative, on pointing out real or imaginary flaws in others. That’s not useful. It’s definitely not fair to the targets, especially when they don’t even bother to get the whole story. It’s also a low-class, unoriginal tactic. If you’re truly offended by something, don’t slap a few words on someone else’s picture to make your point; use your words to create a meaningful statement about why it offends you so much. Make a case, not a joke.
    Nikki recently posted…How to Give Mom a Relaxing Spa Day at HomeMy Profile

  31. 31

    Kas I posted this bit as my status early this morning when I woke and learned about this drama…”there will always be naysayers. Even the most perfect and sweet smelling rose will cause someone undoubtedly to sneeze and get her panties all in a bunch. Continue making your bad-ass bouquets anyway.” xo

  32. 32

    I like your silly pictures!

  33. 33
    Jennifer Drinkwater says:

    I see NOTHING wrong with the picture in question, nor any of the ones that were taken! Thr picture, just like any pictures are up for interpretation, and rather than them assuming they should have taken a second yo think things through before they attack you. It’s pretty sad that no one can enjoy themselves anymore, without having to fall victim to other people’s judgemental practices, jealousy, envy and accustions. I think whoever has started all the controversy, needs to keep their mouths shut. Like Thumper’s Mother told Thumper in the movie Bambi, If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all! I do not know you personally, but I just had to comment. Keep doing what you are doing, live life! Haters are going to hate.

  34. 34

    I don’t know Marshall, but I do know the ladies in the photograph, including Kas. Every blogger in that photo has worked extremely hard to get to where they are today. Regardless of the author’s motive whether it was jealousy, or just the desire to write something that would drive traffic to her site, it was wrong. I also feel like while we’re free to speak our minds as writers, especially as a blogger, that we still have a responsibility to check the facts. Think before you speak, remember that just because you post something online/Twitter/Facebook you’re responsible for what you say, and you can be held accountable for libel. Bullying no matter when/where/who is WRONG! And don’t judge one person for the actions of another. Thanks for sharing your side of things Kas!

  35. 35

    The fact that there is even a controversy over something like this is mind blowing. Who cares? You know what I mean? I’m not saying who cares about your blog post, but who cares about what you do on your blog, the things you do in your free time, the photos you take with friends. Why are their people that feel that it is their business to 1. take other people’s photos and make deroggatory comments and 2. to spread hatred? They’re obviously jealous of you, insecure, mean petty people with nothing better to do with their life than be cyber bullies. I know I didn’t state this very well. I feel for you and think these nasty people really need to get a life.
    Jennifer Golub recently posted…Family Ever After Book Blast and GiveawayMy Profile

  36. 36
    stacy says:

    people need to not be mean, stop making something out of nothing

  37. 37
    Sarah says:

    The problem is anyone can have a blog and write any asinine opinions they may have — all for the sake of the almighty Google Analytics! They all need to go get a life outside of cyberspace. I didn’t find the photo offensive. What I found offensive was the poorly constructed blog posts by “bloggers” I don’t care about, especially behind the guise of feminism. Pu-lease.

    I live in LA so I know how fun Madame Tussauds is. =)

  38. 38
    Lissette De La Hoz says:

    It is unfortunate that there are people that always have to ruin things for others and then to go as far as to try to get someone fired because they are not open to the freedom of expression and thought. I for one see nothing wrong in any of these pictures and hope that no one gets fired for having fun.

  39. 39
    NYCSingleMom says:

    Thanks for posting this. I too have had the experience of working with Marshall and really upset by this entire episode. If he loses his job because of this, the blogger who for some wackadoo reason will be responsible and what makes me totally angry is the underlying jealousy and mean-spiritedness in which was written without ever having MET him.
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  40. 40

    Thanks for this post Kas, the additional images are illuminating. The photo is no big deal, particularly given context.

    Jeana, I am person who asked “Does anyone know who these women are?” on twitter. While one of my buds did respond with snark, your out-of-context quotes serve only to inflame, not inform. No argument, without knowing her or me it just fuels the drama. Which often seems to be the point.

    It would have been great to get a response from Jeana or someone else who was upset. (hey, this is us! and a link to this post or something) Even a snarky tweet would have been fine. (Just don’t say hater, jealous or troll because holy crap, no…)

    I guess what I am saying is…before you slander me, please get to know me.
    Beth ~ Not Like Normal People recently posted…Quick Poll on Voting (USA)My Profile

  41. 41
    vera says:

    Again – I just have to say I cannot believe that this is happening to Marshall and to the group. Marshall was an amazing host and I had a wonderful time. He was an absolute pleasure to be around.

    I was at the museum the day this photo was taken – so I know the energy that we all had. We were joking around. We were having lots of fun. The rest of the pics on this post alone can show the feeling of the day.

    Thats all this was… and the fact that we have to even SAY this is ridiculous. You guys took a pic. So what? Why do people feel the need to police everyone else?

    vera recently posted…Daily Diary: It Feels Good To Be Thrown Up On Again… #ironman3eventMy Profile

  42. 42
    Carey says:

    <3 <3 <3…I'm sorry you all got dragged into a needless mess. People love to point out that the lesson from this story is that we have to be careful about what we put on FB, but the other side of the coin is that we also have to be careful about being judgy. Judging people and dragging their names through the mud without even bothering to get context or comments is just as bad as being racist or sexist or whatever else the offended person things a photo could convey. Hopefully that lesson can be learned from this whole mess as well. The world would be a better place without the needless vitriol. All of us who really know you guys are here for you and sending lots of love your way!!!

  43. 43
    vickie couturier says:

    When I first saw this picture,is now an with the others an I laughted ,I thought how cute an funny,,,why on earth would anyone think anything different,,you guys are having fun,,whats wrong with that??I admit I dont know a lot but I see nothing wrong with those pictures,just friends having fun

  44. 44
    Carolyn says:

    Sadly, some people never leave high school and feel the need to stir up drama where there is none.

  45. 45
    Dawn says:

    I think that this is ridiculous. The person that complained about that photo, obviously has no life. What’s wrong with Disney? Why would they even consider firing the guy?

  46. 46
    Carol says:

    This has been a sad and tough week for bloggers, especially mom bloggers. To have the WSJ article belittle us, then have a random blogger blast one of the industry favorites all in the name of empowering mom bloggers blows my mind. And then there was the twitter account @blogconscience (now suspended) try to blast those of you who went on the trip. It’s dumb. It makes me ashamed of the blogging industry to have these bad apples come and try to ruin it. Kas, you know I have the utmost respect and admiration of you, Marshall, and the rest of the bloggers I have grown to know and love. I really wish the pot-stirrers would realize that this is a business where we can actually help each other, instead of cutting down when given even the slightest chance.

    But I guess green is the “in” color right now. Too bad it doesn’t look good in this instance.
    Carol recently posted…Recipe: Homemade Pizza RollsMy Profile

  47. 47
    Jeanne says:

    It’s sad that you had to write this post today, sad that people have chosen to be so vindictive toward a man who did nothing (really) to put himself in people’s cross hairs, and sad that what was a laugh among friends could be twisted so maliciously and so badly.

    I also find it reprehensible that people have chosen to write blog posts without doing even an ounce of investigation. The pen, as they say, is mightier than the sword, but the people wielding said pen don’t seem to understand the responsibility that comes with writing for a national audience.
    Jeanne recently posted…The Disney Mom Blog Photo Scandal Needs a Dash of Common SenseMy Profile

  48. 48

    Context is EVERYTHING. I think these bloggers DELIBERATELY and WILLFUL libeled the man. I have never met Marshall but have interacted on Facebook. I will put here what I put there: “I’ve never meet you IRL Marshall Weinbaum . However, this Marshallgate broo-ha-ha is crap. You deserve better. Can I say that I for one am soooo sick to death of the drama bloggers create to get hits. It’s the new tit-for-hits, but instead it’s, “Let’s create ANY minuscule reason to get offended and take a high moral ground even if it has no context to the situation.” It’s like look at me, look at me judging someone else. I’ve personally been publicly vilified by a blogger who chose to judge the inner humor of my marriage and take a joke out of context. It ended with her telling me my husband should cheat on me to her gadzillions of minions. It sucks. I refused to respond to give her any more attention that she deserves. Funny enough she wrote about this too-jumping on the bandwagon. So you, my compadre, have my utter support. It’s just a shame professional bloggers rarely take the professional part seriously. And can we all please get a shred of humor and look at context before we judge??” By the way, I do find it rich that the person who tweeted “If you don’t fuck your husband, someone else will” is commenting on the thread by the way…ahem, Jessica! At your old tricks again I see.
    Heather Murphy-Raines/ScoutsHonor recently posted…There is No Joy Without Chocolate: The Trials of Being Paleo and Kuku for CoconutsMy Profile

  49. 49
    Nolie says:

    Haters are gonna hate. We can’t stop them. I was disgusted by her post on MANY levels. I have never met nor worked with Marshall. We are facebook friends and that is about it. HOWEVER I REALLY hope he does not get in trouble at work or lose his job because some person with her panties all bunched up and had someone piss in her cornflakes decided to steal a picture, alter it and slam someone all because she had nothing better to do with her day.

    She was screwing with someones life and career all because she wanted to cause some shit. I have said this many places and I will say it here as well. Not only did she STEAL someones personal photo (the arguement fair use if on the net does not stand with me) she altered it as well without permission in order to slander someones names. Am I the only one that sees multiple illegal things done by this woman? I hope you, Marshall or anyone else involved in this picture at the very least report it to her hosting provider to have it removed for copyright infringement.

    *not editing my comment either for spelling and grammar, if you don’t have to neither do I lol*
    Nolie recently posted…Facepalm Moment: When you forget your husband is colour blind.My Profile

  50. 50

    I have so much respect for all of you standing up for Marshall and for Marshall. I think the person who wrote the original posts has no clue how hurtful and careless her words were. I hope she will realize it soon.
    Dana (@DragynAlly) recently posted…Internet Weirdness…My Profile

  51. 51
    mommy oustide says:

    I think it shows a lack of judgement period, in or out of the original context. There are always going to be people ready to pounce on things like this and it doesn’t matter if it’s on a personal page. When it comes to social media you always have to be responsible and sensible because it will come back to haunt you.

  52. 52
    Jim MacQ says:

    I just made the fatal mistake of reading the comments at that horrible woman’s blog post. A big pack of know-nothing windbags sounding off in ignorance, making me hate humanity.

    Let’s put it this way: there is one slang word I never use. I consider it the most vulgar and offensive word one can possibly direct at a woman; my bride calls it “the nuclear option.” Yeah, the C-bomb. It’s the word that comes to mind when I re-read that harridan’s hit piece. It’s a good thing I’m too classy to deploy it.
    Jim MacQ recently posted…Mad Men StyleMy Profile

  53. 53

    I feel for you, your friends and Marshall. I decided to comment because of a coincidence. My husband’s name is Marshall and he’s also one of those very nice guys whose sense of humor can be goofy. I’d hate to think that a harmless prank like this could seriously affect his reputation in his field. His career means everything to him.

    ‘Sides, I don’t see any offense in this at all…


  54. 54
    The Mom Jen says:

    Jealousy + Hypocrisy = Desperation
    It’s been proven that at least one of the people in question has done something even worse when they’ve been representing social good. And, that was blatant unlike this photo. Pathetic. Thanks for posting your side.
    The Mom Jen recently posted…Warner Bros.: Best of WB 100 Film Collection, Fun Movie App, + Giveaway {$597 value} #BestofWBMy Profile

  55. 55
    Jenn Park says:

    I love this post. Well said. I’ve never met him (or you) in person, but have nothing but good to say.
    Jenn Park recently posted…$5.00 off one REMBRANDT Whitening Kit or StripsMy Profile

  56. 56
    Sheri says:

    Great post Kas. I’m sorry that happened to all of you.
    Sheri recently posted…30 Days of Photos #MonthOfMom #PGMomMy Profile

  57. 57
    Mitch says:

    I just hope he gets through tomorrow at work. I am so angry, with all that is written about bullying, this low life goes and cyber bully’s this hard working man. And just for blog traffic. I am praying to the higher power of Karma right now!
    PS Great article!!!
    Mitch recently posted…New Trailer for MONSTERS UNIVERSITYMy Profile

  58. 58
    MS Do says:

    Bravo! I’m proud of you for trying to set the record straight. Marshall is a great friend to many, many bloggers. I’m glad to see you ALL having so much fun when you’re able to get together, wish I were able to afford to go too.

    Keep fighting the fight for right. 🙂
    MS Do recently posted…Print It While You Can $5.00 off one REMBRANDT Whitening Kit or StripsMy Profile

  59. 59

    For what it is worth I was DEEPLY offended by this whole situation. … Not the picture mind you but the mountain out of a molehill situation that the dramatics are trying to create. I’ve met MArshall. He is all of those things you described him as. And…. shouldn’t the people in the photo be the ones to cry foul if there really was something more there?

    KUDOS to you for standing up. Thank you for saying what many are feeling.

    Also? LOVE the Hannibal pic and laughed a bit too hard at that one.
    Shelley (@momma_oz) recently posted…on being busyMy Profile

  60. 60
    Patty says:

    I’m not a blogger and I’m not in PR, but I know Marshall and he is an incredible person who loves his work so much and is terrific at it! He has always treated me and my family with the utmost respect. In fact, he has spoiled us throughout the years and has never asked for anything in return. This man is a class act, raised by a good family who are proud of his accomplishments (and with good reason!). With all that is going on in the world, it is really telling to me who this writer is and what she is made of. Maybe she was bullied in school, maybe she woke up on the wrong side of the bed or maybe she is just an angry person ~ I don’t know ~ but I do know she has wrongly accused someone and she should be ashamed herself.

    I hope you can shrug this crap off Marshall. You have a lot of fans.

  61. 61
    Milena says:

    Great post- Marshall didn’t deserve what happened to him. I find it offensive when people need to be “mean” to bring people to their sites. Then again I wonder what kind people frequent those sites and live off the nastiness. Good for you and don’t lose your sense of humor. I was one of the people that” liked” the photo on Marshall’s Facebook page. have fun!
    Milena recently posted…Win a Trip for 4 to the Crayola ExperienceMy Profile

  62. 62
    tamie says:

    It looks like you all had a great time! I love your sense of humor!!! 🙂 Kudos to Marshall for mixing it up with the ladies!

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