Women: Take Control Of Your Finances

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Think back a few years. Maybe a few decades. Men used to make all the financial decisions in the household. They had the job, the bank accounts, the mortgage, and most other items would be in his name. Women were just deligated to house work and raising the kids. Then women stood up and had a revolution. We went out and got jobs and all the financial burdens that come with that. Even today, women are struggling with their finances and unsure of what to do. To put it simply Women you need to take control now. Yes, you may be pinching pennies and clipping coupons, but we also have to think long term.

If your anything like me you think in the term of small goals. I used to say….ok all we need to save for is this Disney Vacation or we have 3 months until we pay off this car. I wasn’t thinking long term. After sitting down with a financial advisor and discussing our long term goals I understood a little better. I also didn’t understand a lot of the lingo and felt like you almost need a college course in the subject. So I asked a lot of questions. Even some I considered “dumb”, but our advisor assured me everyone feels that way. We made the first step in actually putting our finances on paper and taking control. That’s also where Financial sites like GenWorth Financial
651967_retirement_life come in handy

What I realized, it may be cliche, is I wanted to retire to Florida. We travel there once or twice a year and have even contemplated moving down there, but with the kids being in school it would be a hard move. So my husband is putting more into his 401K and I started a savings account at a Credit Union and I’m putting a small amount from my blogging income away so that once the kids are off to college we can make that move to Florida. Growing old together on the beach. That’s what I want. So take control of your finances and decide what YOU want.

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