Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, & Liam Payne Interview for This is Us #1DMovie

***Disclosure: I attended The #1DMovie Q&A . My flight, lodgings, and some expenses were covered by Screen Gems and myself. All opinions are 100% mine. ***

So by now you realize how much of a BIG deal this was for Isabella. We had just finished the interview with the Director so she had a feel of what was to come. She was grabbing hand so tight and I asked if she was ok…….She replied, “Mom what if I pass out?” I just said she wouldn’t and then who walked through the door, but Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, & Liam Payne!!! You could hear a slight squeal go through the room and then it was silence. I mean you could hear a pin drop. I look over at Bella and she’s so exited I can almost feel electricity coming off her. It’s a wonder my hands aren’t permanently marked. Here’s a bit from the interview below. I left in all the fun stuff they were being cheeky about so you can see these lads are just a great fun group. :

Louis Liam Zayn in NYC

Louis: Hello!
Liam: Hi!
Zayn: Hello everybody!

Liam: So how’s it going everybody? What’s new?

Zayn: I feel like I’m doing a really important speech.

Liam: We should have tea & biscuits!

Blogger: There’s a lot of pressure here because I could embarrass my daughter in front of One Direction.

Louis: Be careful Mummy!

Blogger: What is some advice that your mothers give you growing up that you still think about today.

Liam: Bless my mother actually. My dad would always give me LOADS of advice. Fill my head full of advice and my mom would always say, “Do your best because that’s the best you can do!” Followed by a few tears.

Zayn: I remember just being at home and my mum saying I had a good voice, but I never really believed her because I thought every mum just has to say it to their kids. So, that’s kinda why I went to X Factor in the first place.

Louis: I think my mom just filled me with confidence. I just thought I was the best at everything. Like any mother really.

Zayn: They were always nice to us.

Blogger: Where do you get your inspiration from? Your lyrics are very mature in some sense.

Louis: Where do we get the inspiration from is that what you are saying?

Blogger: They are suggestively mature.

Louis: Oh! I see what your saying.

Liam: To be fair, I think it depends more on who we are working with. With this new album we are working with Julian. I suppose Julian has a lot more life experience than to what we have.

Louis: I think what your trying to say is. I’m trying to think of the way to say it. Those can be interpreted into whatever way you wish. So maybe you’ve got that kind of mind? I don’t know! I don’t know.

(Everyone busts into laughter)

Louis: We’re good kids. We’re Mummy’s Boys.

Liam: I don’t know what your talking about.

 	Zayn Malik in TriStar Pictures' "One Direction:This Is Us." PHOTO BY: 	Christie Goodwin

Zayn Malik in TriStar Pictures’ “One Direction:This Is Us.”
PHOTO BY: Christie Goodwin

 	Louis Tomlinson in TriStar Pictures' One Direction: This Is Us. PHOTO BY: 	Christie Goodwin

Louis Tomlinson in TriStar Pictures’ One Direction: This Is Us.
PHOTO BY: Christie Goodwin

Liam Paynew in TriStar Pictures' One Direction: This Is Us. PHOTO BY: 	Christie Goodwin

Liam Paynew in TriStar Pictures’ One Direction: This Is Us.
PHOTO BY: Christie Goodwin

Blogger: Where is your favorite place you’ve been too? Country or city?

Liam: To be fair for me for this tour so far, especially in America I really enjoyed when we went down to Miami because we had a few days off there. To be fair, wherever we usually have a few days off is our favorite place. I got to be honest with you. We got to spend a lot of time and we were on a boat for a few days. It was good fun. Did a bit of fishing. A bit of chilling out.

Louis: Yeah it was great actually.

Blogger: Back to your parents, twice in the film. 2 different parents said that after the X factor you left and didn’t come back. What was it like to see your parents so emotional on the screen.

Liam: To be honest with you it was kind of hard.

Louis: You felt guilty.

Liam: In a way it was kind of nice because you don’t get to see that side of our parents talking about us being away from home so deep. To try and get their side of it for once was quite nice actually. Bless my dad. That bit where he says that bit in the film just makes me cry every time. He has that sad pause in the middle. Bless him.

Blogger: What advice would you give to parents that have a child that looks up to you and thinks that could be them one day. What advice do you have to encourage them and say yeah…

Louis: Funny, that we are giving advice to parents! I do not feel mature enough for THAT! I just think that you should always just encourage..even if it’s not your son or daughter just anyone you know. If they really wanna go for something. I know it sounds cliche’, but don’t think that you can’t get there. If you want it at least give it a go. Otherwise, you’ll never know.

Zayn: It was just as crazy for us you know, to think that we would be like 3 years ago if you told us that we were going to be in this band. We would have been like: That is crazy. Obviously, we’re here so we understand that anything is possible. If you dream hard enough and try hard enough you can do it.

Liam: I do feel like parents fear the fame side of things, but we’ve gotten along alright. I think that’s the beauty of us being in a band. That kind of helps. Obviously, there are some tough sides to being in the spotlight so heavily for us. I don’t think that anyone should fear that. Just go for it!

Blogger: Speaking of encouragement. My daughter saw your trip to Ghana and was wondering what things she could do at home to help people in that sort of a situation.

Louis: I think, anything is better than nothing. Literally.

Liam: One thing that we used to do when I was a kid at school was we’d have this thing where you would fill a shoebox toys or something. Just, little bits of things that you like that kids in other countries don’t have the oppertunity to have. That’s what was a great way to go. You know, everyone’s got old toys and stuff that they don’t use anymore. So just fill a shoebox. There will be somewhere on the internet that you can send it.

Zayn: That’s cool

Isabella: Thank you.

As you can see the boys were full of youth, charm, and very humble. Plus, their accents didn’t hurt a bit. I could sit and chat with them all day. Louis is Isabella’s favorite and he even offered her a hug! Which made me Best Mom Ever 😉 A HUGE thank you to the boys for stopping by and chatting with us all on their whirlwind schedule and to everyone who help made it possible for Bella and I to attend! Now like I keep saying GO SEE THE MOVIE! You fall head over heels for these guys and will be signing along by the time the movie ends.

Group Shot with Louis


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    I think my daughter is still a tad too young to know who these guys are but I’ve seen them all over the place. I followed your secret mission to NYC via IG and it really looked like your daughter had a grand old time. What a neat thing to be able to do. Great post.

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    Great interview! My daughter is obsessed with them! They are so talented!
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    Ha! I had no idea who the people were in the title of your post and THEN realized who “they” were! What a fun experience for you and your daughter!
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    Kelsey Apley says:

    What a fun thing to go and be a part of!! Sounds like it was a great day for you and your daughter!!
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    What a totally fun interview!!! My girls would be soooo jealous!
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