In a Room full of Inspiration at GOOGLE PLUS Miles from Tomorrowland Info

There are moments in time that you strive for. We call these bucket list items, but what is the word for when these events happen that you could never dream of happening. Just last week, I went to Google. GOOGLE! The epicenter of all my geek girl dreams. Due to traffic being traffic (unpredictable) we […]

Headed to San Francisco to check out Pixar, Google, and MORE!

It’s been nice to sort of have a mini break. Now, it is time to get back to traveling for work and boy does this next trip full of awesome: #InsideOutBloggers During this part of the event we will be screening the all-new short film “RILEY’S FIRST DATE?” Followed by a few Group interviews: with […]

Reminiscing on my friendship with The Muppets PLUS Show Info for tonight!

The Muppets have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I even had a Gonzo and Kermit dolls growing up that my sister and I would act out the movies with. Yes, even Muppets in Space. I loved the show and movies so much growing up that when I grew […]

Cinderella Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital HD PLUS Bonus Features

Cinderella was one of my favorite films this year, partly because I attended the #CinderellaEvent and went to the Glam Ball, the Red Carpet, and interviewed a lot of the cast and crew. It was simply enchanting. Make sure you check out #CinderellaEvent for more on that. Now, however, it is time for the Blu-Ray […]

I am an Ambassador of Kindness and You Can Be Too!

When Cinderella came out earlier this year it was more than a movie to me. It promoted kindness. Which in itself may be a small thing, but in the end if each and every person who saw Cinderella said one kind thing to someone it would spread. Now we are taking it a little further. […]

Games, Games, Everywhere #D23EXPO

Wow.Each panel is full of fans, but the Gaming fans at #D23EXPO were no joke. A lot were participating in cosplay looking awesome. It was a great crowd and helped get me excited for all the releases coming out soon. So let’s talk gaming shall we. Limited-Edition PlayStation®4 Hardware Bundles First up: Let’s unveil the […]

Disney, Marvel and Lucasfilm Live Action Panel Recap

Before, we get started just know that there is a LOT of information and you will be busy going to the movies over the next few years! 😉 During #D23EXPO Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn hosted as Disney, Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm presented their live action film slates. This was all big news in […]

Making a Comeback: Disney’s Silly Symphony

During #D23EXPO we were part of something magical. We were treated to a special concert hosted by Leonard Maltin, it was the world premiere of Disney in Concert: A Silly Symphony Celebration—a live concert performance featuring a 32-piece orchestra celebrating the Silly Symphony animated short films and their accompanying music from our childhood. During the […]

Disneyland 60th Diamond Celebration

While in Anaheim for the #D23EXPO we of course hit up Disneyland since we were literally next door! The Disneyland 60th Celebration is still going strong! What does this mean for you? 60 Delightful Years of Disney Magic Bring family and friends and join us in celebrating the next great era of the Disneyland Resort!Make […]

#ShareYourLegacy with Walt Disney Records and H20+

H2O+ and Walt Disney Records invite women to share their own legacies with stories, affirmations, and inspirations in an emboldened, globally supported community. Walt Disney Animation Studios Visual Development Artist Lorelay Bove and Disney historian Paula Sigman-Lowery will join the #ShareYourLegacy discussion by sharing their personal journeys to inspire women around the world to celebrate […]